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Special moments are timeless. And, they should always be captured with heart and soul. Mobeen is one of the best wedding photographers in Lucknow. The only art interests him is photography. He is known for his creativity in capturing the real essence and moments of the events

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Mobeen Photography is a dedicated team of photographers following their passion with a flair for professional finesse. Our team is skilled in capturing the best candid wedding photographs, making us vastly popular as one of the best candid wedding photographers in Lucknow. Most of our clients are repeat clients or through reference of our previous clients. We offer you services that capture the most unique moments to you as a couple, keeping every picture authentic to you



Mobeen’s crew is skilled to capture the experience of the wedding in a cinematic style. Being among the best wedding photographers in Lucknow, we have the expertise and skill to showcase a larger than life experience of your special day. The wedding films that we direct are a perfect blend of emotions, excitement and the people who matter. Our Wedding Films beautifully depicts all scenes, worth cherishing forever starting from your very first wedding ritual till the end, on your big day.



Mobeen Photography is known for the carefree, fun loving and relaxed style of pre wedding photography. Pre wedding shoots are meant to capture the fun and quirky side of the couple, every couple has a unique style of their own,we capture those extra special moment. Its a great way for us to know OUR Bride and Groom.

building a rapport that translates in every frame starting from the pre wedding to the BIG day.


Mobeen Seikh Being Best Wedding Photographers in Lucknow

Photography for Us Is

Mobeen lives and breathes photography. It is something that comes natural to him. His creative mind and expert hands behind the camera have created magic in freezing romantic and soulful moments that come once in lifetime of couples and families. Be it pre wedding, candid or wedding occasion, he brings a unique blend of creative thinking and thought process to deliver personalized and special craftsmanship in his photography.

Photography is all about capturing the right moments that connect the emotions closely through the senses, and produce great pleasure. It is a humble job where everything is handled with delicacy and precision to get the moment captured the way it should be. It all comes with experience, patience and attention to detail.

Wedding occasion is something that if you miss its fresh charm, then it cannot be created like the first time. You cannot treat these special moments like any other moments. The reason: these magical events never ever return back. These special moments are the treasure trove of a couple’s relationship. They symbolize their romantic memories. They make you remind of the freshness of your relationship so that you can smile and cherish remembering those sweet memories throughout your life. If you miss those moments and leave them uncaptured, you might be something missing an important collection of happiness of your life.

That’s why this profession is very close to our heart. We create memories that will stay with you for the lifetime. We entrap them in a precise way that can be remembered for long-long time. For us, the expression of feelings and emotions through photography is a bigger passion than anything else.

Filled with personal anecdotes with awareness of surroundings, such moments are framed and captured with purity and romanticism. Every shot is a special shot for us to deliver exceptional experiences for couples and families. We intend to deliver shots that can really show something valuable of a person’s true nature–though unposed, still a conscious masterpiece.


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Mobeen Photography – one of the best wedding photographers in Lucknow has been capturing blissful moments for more than a decade. We are a team of passionate photographers specializing in Wedding Photography, Candid Photography, Pre-Wedding and Engagement shoots, and Destination Weddings.

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Choosing Mr. Mobeen and team was one the best decisions we took with respect to our wedding planning.When we saw their work for the first time we were sure about having them shoot our wedding.

His team was extremely professional and talented.We are super happy with their work. Loved all the candid shots, and the especially the teaser video – made me very emotional ! 🙂
Will highly recommend him !


Mr. Mobeen has always been the best choice for any of our family functions. We have been working with him and his team since the long now and each event they have covered, was captured even more beautifully than the previous one. His candid and portrait shots, both are frame worthy. He covered a family wedding last in December 2019 and the pictures have yet again captured every single emotion of the bride and our entire family. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and we look forward to working with you in the future as well.


Mobeenji and his entire team were absolutely wonderful to work with. They were highly professional and the pictures and the final video came out absolutely amazing. The team has a very good knack for capturing all the candid moments, which was a huge reason why we picked him.

When we saw the teaser video, my whole family was absolutely stunned. The editing was flawless and the background music interspersed with the sound bytes made it an absolute masterpiece that we will treasure.

Absolutely loved working with the team throughout the entire wedding. They are absolutely phenomenal.



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